Projects from 2016

CZ is focusing its resources on ranger and local community well being, whilst sustaining important wildlife protection.

Rangers take pride in their work

Specialist Ranger Training

  • All Ranger stations in Zambezi Valley

Specialist training courses in ‘tracking’ are essential for effective anti-poaching patrols: thus “securing the wildlife resource”.

Upgrades to National Parks

Upgrades to National Parks

  • All Zambezi Valley National Parks

Essential maintenance of roads, bridges, buildings ,water reticulation, sewage, and electrical systems.

School Headmaster and teachers accommodation

Headmaster and teachers’ accommodation

  • Tashinga Ranger Station, Matusadona National Park

Built living quarters; including running water, inside and outside plumbing, and roofing. The teacher team of 3 now enjoy adequate living standards in new, sound accommodation adjacent to Matusadona Primary School. They are now able to provide a high level of education to Ranger children with professional pride and self esteem.

Speedboats for anti-poaching, Lake Kariba

Speedboats and engines

  • Lake Kariba & Zambezi River

Purchase and maintenance of speedboats allows project implementation, wildlife monitoring and rapid response to poaching. Speedboats are an essential contributor to conservation along the Kariba Lake and Zambezi River.

Purchase and maintenance of patrol vehicles and boats to enable anti-poaching

The purchase of vehicles and boats

  • Matusadona and Lower Zambezi Valley

These enable the implementation of essential projects such as monitoring, anti-poaching, and building solar power and other essential installations in all Ranger stations along the Lower Zambezi Valley

Internet Communications: VSAT, Ranger Stations

Internet Communications: VSAT

  • All Zambezi Valley Ranger stations

Ongoing establishment and maintenance of VSAT. This has provided personnel in these extremely remote field stations with immediate communication and access to the outside world, and enabled regular administration and reporting back to Regional offices.

Past projects


Tashinga HQ Community Hall

Tashinga HQ

Consignment of chairs for seating in the Tashinga HQ Ranger Community Hall. This provides the Rangers at Tashinga with a social community environment which is key to enhanced morale and living standards.


Vegetable garden

Mana Pools HQ, Mana Pools National Park

Ongoing upgrades and shade provision.



Mana Pools HQ, Mana Pools National Park

Furnishings and installations.


Speedboat with engine

Matusadona National Park

Plus trailer and accessories, licencing, for Anti-poaching.


4 x 4 Vehicles

Matusadona National Park

For use by wildlife protection unit. Fitted with 4×4 terrain bars and seat, tyres, signage, service, insurance, licensing, transfer of ownership.


Patrol equipment

Matusadona National Park

Rangers spend up to ten days out in the field and must have robust camping equipment. 


Signposting throughout Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Parks

Erection of signpost plinths and placement of printed metal signage throughout the road system in Matusadona.


Specialist Tracking Training

Zambezi, Victoria Falls, Matusadona and Mana Pools National Parks

Specialist field Conservation and Wildlife Protection Training to Rangers.


Ranger Child Education

Matusadona National Park

The provision and upgrading of educational materials and facilities to Rangers’ children remotely based at Tashinga HQ.


Ranger Community Vegetable Garden

Nyamepi; Mana Pools National Park

Support provided through vermiculture teaching, shade installation, and seedlings.


National Park Signposting

Matusadona National Park

Building of stone and cement plinths to hold printed metal signage throughout Matusadona National Park in three phases.


Field Station Infrastructure Refurbishment

Matusadona National Park, Kariba Charara (Peters Point), Chewore Safari Areas; Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks

The provision of essential refurbishment and upgrades to water reticulation, buildings, generator and tourism facilities.


Wildlife Vet Unit (Now The Wild Horizons Wildlife Trust)

Mana Pools and Matusadona National Parks

Emergency support to the Wildlife Veterinary Unit to enable immediate response to crises such as anthrax outbreaks.



Support to the TTI solar programme.


Aircraft and fuel

Aerial monitoring and support in poaching emergencies.


Signposting throughout Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Parks

Erection of signpost plinths and placement of printed metal signage throughout the road system in Matusadona.

Rhino calf reintroduction

Black Rhino Re-introduction


Matusadona National Parks

For essential power to Tashinga HQ Station


Donation of a Piper Supercub

Zambezi Valley Protected Areas

Enabling vital aerial monitoring and transport in very remote Zambezi Valley PAs.


Donation of a Speedboat

Lake Kariba and Matusadona National Park

Used for essential water taxi and security purposes.


Donations of 4×4 Vehicles

Zambezi Valley Protected Areas

6 Vehicles delivered by CZ staff and volunteers for conservation projects.


Field Patrol Kit

Zambezi Valley Protected Areas

Tents, sleeping bags, rations, mosquito nets, tarpaulins, camping gear, and other essential equipment such as water purifying straws, for Parks & Wildlife Rangers and Scouts.



Zambezi Valley

A donor can know the name and deployment of the nominated Scout.


Cheetah re-introduction and monitoring; Matusadona

Matusadona National Park


Dry Forest Study

Zambezi Valley


Elephant Monitoring

Zambezi Valley


Black-Cheeked Lovebird research