Making full use of every donation

Your donation ensures our vital programmes in conservation, community well-being, education, health and food security. These projects are sustained in an extremely challenging setting.

Reliable implementation

Conservation Zambezi has a long-standing partnership with The Tashinga Initiative (TI) in Zimbabwe. TI offers outstanding organizational, supervisory and management skills which ensure efficient and reliable implementation of our resources to develop and enhance our collaborative projects. The TI Website provides detailed information on the scope of this dynamic work.

Ranger Training

Ranger training courses: specialist tracking and in-field anti-poaching patrols

Your donation helps pay for a specialist trainer and the training courses essential for anti-poaching and critical tracking skills: thus “securing the wildlife resource”.
Anti-Poaching Equipment

Vital equipment for Rangers and anti-poaching patrol units

We must urgently equip our Rangers with the necessary equipment for their field based anti-poaching.
Rhino Monitoring

Black rhino monitoring

This budget enables a team of 5 Black Rhino Monitors in Matusadona National Park to provide round the clock surveillance. This will means our Rangers can better protect these critically endangered animals.

Mobility in the field; rapid reaction and response

We must provide vehicles, boats and engines. With out these it is not possible to adequately cover an enormous, rugged, and wild landscape.

Vital Communications

Supply each Ranger with a hand-held radio set, and maintain Protected Area repeater links to ensure reliable communication between all our Rangers and their stations.
Informant Network

Informant network and incentive scheme

A critical component of anti-poaching which allows information based and real time responses by Ranger Patrol Units.

Education, health and food security for our communities in conservation areas

Establish, sustain and enhance Ranger Station solar powered water supplies; family vegetable gardens and produce marketing; school educational materials and libraries, and medical clinics and clinic staffing.
Solar Power

Solar powered energy

Ongoing installation and maintenance of solar power provides energy for clean water pumping from wells; for schools and community halls; for lighting and refrigeration; and for radio transmissions (etc).
Technical Knowledge

Remuneration for technical specialists for solar and infrastructural maintenance

This ensures the implementation and maintenance of our collaborative inputs in the field.
Operation capacity

Operational capacity

Enhancement of The Tashinga Initiative’s operational capacity allowing for a wider range of work and thus a greater and sustained impact.