Who we are and what we do

Conservation Zambezi (CZ) is a UK Registered Charity, founded in 1992. All CZs projects are implemented through its local partner, The Tashinga Initiative (TI). CZ supports biodiversity conservation, wildlife protection, and community development in the Zambezi River Valley and Basin. CZ recognises the essential role played by local people and their communities in ensuring the sustainability of wildlife and wilderness in Protected Areas, and it works with local communities to provide the tools and education that will enable them to participate in the protection of their environment, and to benefit and prosper from this process. The exciting alliance with The Tashinga Initiative (TI) was forged in 2006. TI works directly with both the Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and also the local communities along the Zambezi River Valley and the wider Basin. This partnership ensures that CZs funds are applied to areas of critical need and are used most effectively and appropriately. CZ relies on both donor grants and public support to fund its essential work. Please donate whatever you can to support CZs work. CZ will on request deliver updates on any project so the impact  and benefits can be assessed and monitored .

Dr Adrian Wilson - Chairman

Adrian is Chairman and Trustee of Conservation Zambezi, which since 1992 has engaged in the conservation of critically endangered species, habitat, and wilderness in the Zambezi Valley. Adrian brings with him invaluable experience to lead and develop Conservation Zambezi.

In partnership with local NGOs and Fauna and Flora International he is also on the board of:

  • The Cristalino Conservation Society CCS  (Mato Grosso, Brazil): CCS ensures the natural integrity of a strategically essential forest near Alta Floresta in Southern Amazonia.
  • The Golden Stream Conservation Group GSCG (Toledo, Belize): GSCG facilitates community, wildlife, and habitat sustainability in the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve stretching from the Maya mountains to the coastal marine reserve.
  • Fundacion Flora y Fauna FyF (Quito, Ecuador): FyF sustains a corridor of essential connectivity between the rare and endangered Pacific forest remnants.
  • The Chuilexi Conservancy (Niassa Reserve, Mozambique): Chuilexi works to ensure the integrity of approximately 586,000 hectares of wilderness and its local communities in Northern Mozambique.

Nick Phillips - Trustee

Nick Phillips has worked for the UK National Trust in the interests of Conservation for many years. He became aware of the Elephant and Rhino crisis through visits to Southern Africa and has teamed up with Conservation Zambezi in its wildlife protection efforts.

Nick has cross-sector skills as a Chartered Surveyor practicing in rural surveying, general practice and investments work, is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and has an Oxford University post graduate certificate in English Architectural History.

Nigel Stitt - Trustee

Nigel, a fourth generation Zimbabwean, has been based in the UK with his family for a number of years. He has been involved in Zimbabwe linked conservation charities for more than 20 years and has been a Trustee of Conservation Zambezi since its inception in 1992.

Nigel visits Africa, including Zimbabwe, several times a year. His major interests are Wildlife and Conservation, travel and exploration including overland 4×4 through Africa and Current Affairs.

Lynne Taylor – The Tashinga Initiative Field Director

Lynne Taylor is our Regional Director and link to our implementing partner,The Tashinga Initiative, a Wildlife Protection Project, based in Zimbabwe. (Contact TI). Lynne undertakes the essential and demanding work implementing CZs and TIs projects along the length and breadth of the Zambezi Valley and Basin.