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Protecting biodiversity in the Zambezi River Valley and Basin

Established in 1992, Conservation Zambezi (CZ) strives to promote the sustainability of wildlife and wild habitats in Protected Areas (PAs) in the Zambezi Valley. CZ recognises that local communities living adjacent to or within PAs play a pivotal role in the conservation of the biodiversity of these areas; thus community development underpins the sustainability of wilderness.

Shielding irreplaceable natural beauty

Once degraded, wilderness areas are potentially irreplaceable. Our aim is to prevent this happening and by working with local communities ensure the persistence of wild areas for the benefit of all. CZ has thus focused on community wellbeing through provision of clean water, communications, education, health and food security. You can find details of how we helped here.

Providing a wide-variety of support

Conservation Zambezi has already provided a wide-variety of direct support (such as solar power, VHF radio communications, infrastructure, land and water transport, ranger patrol equipment and training) benefitting those Ranger Communities operating within the Parks and Wildlife Estate. See more of our projects.

We need your help

We depend on your donations to protect wildlife and to support and empower local communities in doing so. In order to continue this work we need your help. Please donate today to support our work with these communities and their wilderness, and its wildlife.