Conservation Zambezi (CZ), UK Registered Charity No. 1153901 supports conservation biodiversity in the Zambezi River Valley and Basin.  Established in 1992, it plays an important role in ensuring the sustainability of wildlife and wild habitats in Protected Areas (PAs) as well as at the interface with local Communities.

Conservation Zambezi recognizes that Communities living adjacent to, or within Wildlife PAs, play a pivotal role in the conservation of the biodiversity of these areas. Once destroyed, these areas are potentially irreplaceable.  Thus Conservation Zambezi has emphasised and focused on the wellbeing of those Communities by addressing needs, amongst others, in Clean Water, Communications, Education, Health and Food Security.

Conservation Zambezi provides a wide-variety of direct support (such as solar power, VHF radio communications, infrastructure, land and water transport, ranger patrol equipment and training) benefitting those Ranger Communities operating within the Parks and Wildlife Estate.

From June 2009 Conservation Zambezi’s funds have been implemented through a formal alliance with The Tashinga Initiative Trust (TTI) which Agency works directly with the relevant Wildlife Authority and Communities within the Project area.


Photos on this site are used with the kind permission of Lynne Taylor, Founder-Director, The Tashinga Initiative;
Clyde Elgar (Animal Planet, Predators’ Playground); Mike Moody (retired CZ Trustee).

The Tashinga Initiative

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